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It's THANKSGIVING all over America today and two things come to mind... TURKEY'S & FOOTBALL - A GREAT MATCH.

The National Past-time is filled with people grunting, scratching and screaming their heads off somehow [believing if we over-eat] and [scream louder and louder] until our veins pop out on the side of our necks that it will make the TURKEY'S on the Football Field Play a little better.

Let's take a candid look at all the players today. From the Coaches in the Field Box to those on the Field. The Head Coach and even the ball boys. Field Judges and Referees and to the men carrying the 1st-down markers. All play a big role in today's game.

For several days News Agencies and Media out-lets park their trucks and link up to Satellite Dishes and Digital and High Definition and Internet Access is finely tuned all for the big moment that the Football is kicked down-field designating the start of the 'BIG' GAME.

Delivery Trucks have brought their 'markets' to the game and stock-boys have worked long hours preparing behind the scenes making sure that 'whatever' a person desires to buy at the 'BIG' GAME is on the shelf.

Janitors have cleaned Rest-rooms and Stadium seating has been prepared for the Consumer to enjoy a place where a great memory could be made for the individual who holds a ticket to this 'BIG' GAME.

Parking attendants and people selling peanuts and water at reduced prizes on the outside of the Stadium area... all wanting a piece of this great Turkey Day.

Management - [profits and losses] ever before them running around checking and re-checking their list as to say this is the most important game ever. Advertisements pressing the issue that if we don't purchase certain products that it will be the end of something good.

How could we ever live without something good? I don't even want to think that way. Could we really have Thanksgiving without Football? Could we down-size and say we don't need the Janitor or the Delivery Truck driver? Can we make cutting back on the person who hung the Toilet Paper on the rack?

Could we really have Thanksgiving without the peanuts and popcorn and Cotton Candy? What about the Airplane Pilots and Bus Drivers and the Hotel Attendants and the Taxi Cab drivers all in for a piece of this 'BIG' GAME?

Today and extended now into late tonight, TURKEY'S will walk out on the field and play a game that will matter to someone. It may NOT matter at all to the TURKEY'S on the field, but someone really is living for this certain moment.

While I'm home watching the games today and doing my share of scratching and grunting and screaming at the ol' TV - someone will go to work throughout the night and into tomorrow and for the next several days really, cleaning up all this mess that we call the 'BIG' GAME.

TURKEY'S will go back to their respective areas and until next time try to figure out what they did right and wrong and what's worth doing again and what's worth letting go of. I just hope they remember they couldn't be TURKEY'S without first a THANKSGIVING. They need to realize they have been given a pardon so that we could enjoy TURKEY'S & FOOTBALL.

Mark Arnold
Freelance Journalist


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