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Is It Draft-y in Here?

Corny title, I know.  It couldn't be helped.  I'm a sucker for dumb titles.

The all-powerful NFL draft continued with rounds 2 and 3 on Friday, and today was the final four rounds. The draft is a lot like watching a weather report over and over and over.  "Experts" sit around and make predictions.  Sometimes they're right, and sometimes they're wrong.  Sometimes it rains, and sometimes you take a tight end in the first round.  Of course, Gresham was a great pick, but what now?

The Bengals historically don't have a history of great draft picks.  But if you only examine the draft picks made under the Marvin Lewis era, you'll find them quite good.  This year's second round was no different. Taking defensive end Carlos Dunlap from Florida was a great choice.  It is still unknown how Antwan Odom will play after his Achille's injury from last season.  Michael Johnson is entering his second season, and still has a lot to prove.  Dunlap was definitely a good choice from a position standpoint.  The experts say he has some maturity issues.  Of course he does.  He's only 21.  Everyone has maturity issues at 21.  If this is the worst that experts can find with him, he should be pretty good.

With their two picks in the third round, the Bengals took WR Jordan Shipley from Texas and CB Brandon Ghee from Wake Forest.  Shipley was a great pick.  Although the Bengals picked up Antonio Bryant and Matt Jones in the offseason, they need a wide variety of receivers to choose from when making cuts.  The worst part of the team last season was passing offense, and it needs to be better this year.

Brandon Ghee was a good pick.  Though not completely necessary, the CB position is always a good choice.  Hall and Joseph make one of the best cornerback tandems in the NFL, but help in the nickel defense is always good.  Morgan Trent did have a decent season, but it sure can't hurt to have some depth at corner.

Through the first three rounds, the Bengals fared pretty well.  As with all draft picks though, only time will tell.  I'll get to the later rounds tomorrow.  I need to watch this Oklahoma City and Los Angeles game; the Lakers are getting rocked!

     -Mike Zimmerman


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