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Draft Round 1 - Primetime!

Before getting to the Bengals, I had a great idea for the draft itself. What city/team has the most interest and media exposure surrounding the draft? The team with the first draft pick, of course. Why not hold the draft in the city of the team drafting first? It gives the city some extra income. The fans get to go to an exciting event about their team after a terrible season. Let me know, Mr. Goodell.

The Bengals did what everyone predicted and took tight end Jermaine Gresham from Oklahoma. There is a reason everyone predicted this pick - it was the best one for the Bengals. The one aspect of the team that never seemed to be on track last season was the passing game. The need for wide receiver was partly answered by the release of Laveranues Coles and signing of Antonio Bryant from Tampa Bay. 

The one thing I have never seen in all my years of watching the Bengals (although I am only 26) has been a good, solid tight end. Drafting a tight end with the first pick doesn't necessarily guarantee anything, but it's a step in the right direction. If anyone is aware that a first round pick doesn't guarantee success, it's Bengals fans. Been there, done that.

The first round of the draft is clearly overrated. Look at the number of first round picks in the Hall of Fame. Most of the great players come from rounds 2 through 7, and have the heart and passion to become great NFL players. Sure, the first round is exciting now, but the true impact will be seen in the later rounds.

As for the Bengals, they still need wide receivers. A complement to Ochocinco is needed desperately. The loss of Houshmanzadeh to Seattle before last season has proven disastrous to the passing game. Right on par with receivers is the need for defensive backs. The Bengals currently have one of the best starting cornerback duos in the NFL. The problem is their lack of backup CBs, nickel backs, and no one has stepped up in the free safety spot.

Let's not forget about Odom. An injury like his may limit his ability for the remainder of his career; only time will tell. Looking into drafting a defensive end may not be a bad idea.

The Bengals true need is undraftable: offensive coordinator. Maybe they can trade Brat for a monkey and Carson can run the offense. Probably not. The only hope is to get enough talented players to trump Bratkowski's stupidity.

In conlusion, the Bengals drafted a tight end. Next up is receiver, followed by just about anything on defense, especially free safety and defensive line. They should only draft a linebacker if a great on slips through the cracks. I don't know enough about college ball to know which LBs are best. Time will tell.

I'll get back after the next couple days of draft excitement.

     - Mike Zimmerman

1 comment:

  1. I really like your idea on moving the draft to the city with the number 1 pick, I haven't ever heard that one before but it is good. Yep no surprise for the Bengals but a nice pick regardless.