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Bengals To-Do List: Sign Marvin Lewis

Homer Rice. Bruce Coslet. Dick LeBeau.These are some of the “illustrious” names in the line of Bengals coaches.

The 9th Bengals coach doesn’t belong in that list of yahoos. Already tied with Paul Brown and Sam Wyche for the longest tenure, Marvin Lewis has the highest winning percentage at .504.

And he’s entering the final year of his contract. And there are no contract negotiations.

Lewis says he’s focused on the 2010 season and is OK with the non-negotiations. That’s a good sound bite to downplay the situation. But really, wouldn’t it be great for the head coach to feel a bit of job security? At least as much as there is in the NFL.

Don’t forget that he’s the 2009 Associated Press Coach of the Year. The last Bengals coach to receive the honor…Paul Brown.

Now that’s illustrious company.

Let’s also consider what else is on his highlight reel:
• Lewis took over after the worst season in franchise history
• Two years later he led the team to its first winning season in 15 years
• Lewis has won two AFC North Division Championships
• He’s an active leader in the community through the Marvin Lewis Community Fund

Bengals fans are getting antsy to win a game in the playoffs and the offense was getting booed in just about every home game, which was astonishing to me. Seriously folks, we should be doing cartwheels around Paul Brown Stadium when we see more W’s than L’s.

Lewis has helped the Bengals shake off the Bungles moniker and forged his crew into a tough-minded, defensive-oriented team. That .504 winning percentage? Considering his many obstacles, that number magically translates into a .723 winning percentage in my non-mathematical mind.

Hopefully owner Mike Brown decides to resign Lewis in a timely, respectful fashion. I’m not ready to face the next potential Dave Shula wannabe.

By Elizabeth Creehan
Follow me on Twitter @creehanwriter


  1. Couldn't agree with you more, sign him now and get it done. It also probably wouldn't hurt in trying to get free agents if they knew management had the coaches back. I am sure most of the free agents would take into consideration that Lewis is a great coach before deciding to play for the Bengals.

  2. People thinking that Zimmer as head coach and Marvin gone is ok are not thinking straight

  3. Dungy gets an offensive team and builds his defense with out losing his offense. Marvin takes over the team and drafts Carson and Wow a great offensive he didn't build. Then he builds his Defense while allowing is offense to go to the crapper. On a side note the offensive coordinator should be beat with a rubber hose and Marvin should have been beating him. So throw them both and Paul Brown to the wolves. Keep Zimmer at Defense and bring in Schottenheimer......

  4. Marvin Lewis talks a good game ...that's about it. Palmer? What a joke. Get Schottenheimer or Gruden. Tired of being held hostage.