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Game must be played from the Heart... not the Head.

Game Must Be Played From the Heart... not the Head.

Anyone who has ever played sports knows there are all kinds of tactics being used on both sides of the event.  For instance, in basketball, the five on the floor have to become one team to defeat the opponent.  In Chess, the one person has to sit in the chair and concentrate at a level that isn't even known to the ordinary human.  Chess and Basketball are in-door sporting events and alike so many others that are played inside... the "mind" must take on the form of winning and wanting to supercede so that at the end of the day, victory brings great satisfaction.

The Bengals entering this years Play-offs must play from another Body Part.  They can't be successful just showing up and looking like a football team.  They will not be able to simply walk on the field and believe that the "other" team will just lay down and give them the game.   The Bengals will have to make some major mental adjustments before, during and even at the end of the game, no matter the out-come.

The Game must be played from the HEART... and not the Head.  Mentally, the Coaches all the way to the weakest player has to prepare their heart for this game.  Just knowing the plays are not going to be the winning factor.  Being able to play fairly well... isn't going to be the game decider.  The Game must be played from the HEART.

If a player isn't playing from his HEART, then he should not even show up.  
If a player isn't playing from his HEART, he should stay home and find something else to do.
If a player isn't playing from his HEART, most likely... warm blankets and some hot chocolate
should be used as his security blanket.

The Game will be decided in place... and that place is on the field with the player playing from the very depth of his HEART and SOUL.  This is a place that the player must go to that will elevate him to a level that "nothing" can stand in the way of victory.  Playing from the HEART is where the player must also go during TV time-outs and Commercials, and during the "silent" times of the Game.  

One can be cheered and play well... but the player who goes to HIS HEART and SOUL... and not just playing from his HEAD-GAME... that player playing from HIS HEART will stay in the game the entire time and figure out a way to stand taller, run faster, elevate plays and then sink or swim know he has played the very best and the fans will know they have been to see a great game.  

Mark Arnold
Freelance Author


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