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Let's Face the Pain - Love What Remains!

The Bengals have had two major losses (the untimely death of Defensive Coach Zimmer's Wife) and (the tragedy of Chris Henry).  Both have caused emotional strings to be pulled and if not dealt with very carefully - even a Professional Coaching Staff and Athletes who are trained and geared up for any situation could sink into long-term depression.

Let's expose what Depression is and admit that it is real and must be dealt with.

Depression defined is: "despondency and dejection that has built up over time causing a person to feel severe hopelessness and inadequacy."

Depression is selfish.  It's like a huge trash compactor waiting to push down and squeeze out all the life of it's victims.  No matter how big a person's status in life the "pressure" of the compactor seems to be always ready to do it's damage.

There could not be two different stories if each story were told.  Coach Zimmer's wife seemed to be the love of his life - and not a care in the world - and yet for Chris Henry who seemed to have the weight of the world on his shoulders, seemed to crack often and the experience of being young only reveals his nature to run... hide... cave... but it's because depression had not been dealt with.

Through the loss of these two very precious people, the Bengals (whether they want to or not) have now been put on Center Stage and all of Football is watching.  People who have never cared about them has kept their eyes on Cincinnati wanting to see their reaction.  The following has to be learned from all of this:

1.  Life is full of troubles and cares... anything can happen to "shake" our world.

2.  No one is exempt from troubles.  Someone's Wealth or position in life cannot shield from 
     difficult times.

3.  Identify periods when depression tries to take over your emotions.  Always have a plan of 
     action to deal with negative thinking and always allow LOVE to rule the day.  Family 
     members and team mates may disagree at times... but we will LOVE no matter what.  

4.  If LOSS has occurred - causing the depression - We must LOVE WHATEVER REMAINS.

In light of these two very different losses the Bengals must dig up and out and face depression head-on.  

On the Defensive Side of the Ball, a Defensive Stand against depression must prove that everyone can and will be remembered in the Zimmer home. 

For those on the Offensive side of the ball, Carson Palmer and Chad Ocho Cinco must now run offense in such a way that every win reverberates all the way to the Henry home, where children know they have not been forgotten.  

So now, a Home Victory is more than winning at Home.  Think about it.

Mark Arnold
Freelance Journalist


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